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One of the top expenses for any family is their vehicle, right after their home mortgage. With car, SUV and truck prices being higher than ever it’s nearly impossible to buy a car outright anymore. Vehicle Financing is usually the only option available for obtaining the reliable vehicle you need. And usually the traditional car dealership being the only option to purchase the vehicle you really want. Visit FreeAutoCredit for the best deal on Alberta Car Loans.

Chances are the last vehicle you bought was purchased at a traditional car dealership, along with the high pressure salesman. They wouldn’t let you look around without following you and bothering you the entire time. They were also trying to talk you into the wrong (and more expensive) car that you didn’t even want.

After test driving a few vehicles you decide on the one you like and go inside the dealership. You sit down and begin the long process of filling out the application. All the while the salesman is still trying to convince you he can get you a better deal on that ‘other’ truck you don’t want.

Making Alberta Car Loans Easier to Get

You finish filling out the application and the salesman disappears. It seems like he’s gone forever while you’re sitting there getting more and more nervous. You are now wondering if it’s taking so long be-cause they can’t find any Alberta car loans that you qualify for. Then the finance agent finally returns.

He comes back and says you don’t qualify because of your poor credit. He then asks you if you have anyone that can co-sign for you. Perhaps there is someone in your family that you can ask this giant favor of ? Or maybe he comes back and says that he can finance you, but at a sky-high rate and with payments that are higher than your home mortgage. This leaves you wondering what they must have found on your credit report.

After telling him you can’t possibly afford those payments he disappears again. This goes on several times until he either wears you down and you accept the high payments, or you give up, get up, and walk out, discouraged and deflated.

A Better Way to get a Car Loan in Alberta

What if we told you there was a better way to purchase your next vehicle ? A place where you can get the best deal on Alberta Car Loans. At we have streamlined the process so you can literally vehicle shop from the comfort of your home or office. No high pressure salesman following you around harassing you to buy what you don’t want.

All you have to do is go to our website and fill out our easy short form with a few bits of information. Then leave it to us and we will do the rest. We will get back to you usually within 24 hours with your approved loan amount and terms so you can buy the vehicle you want.

Quick, Easy, and Hassle Free ! Visit us at and let us show you what car shopping should be like.

Alberta Car Loans

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